Trade Enquiries

Become a Super Stockists

  • Do you have broad experience and set up network in the appropriation of Consumer Goods?
  • It is safe to say that you are a determined individual or organization with a strong market notoriety and a history of moral business practice?
  • Do you have warehousing capacities, and solid deals foundation to put Myra Foils items on retail retires?

  • Do you have the monetary sufficiency to maintain a truly gainful dissemination business?
  • In the event that truly, at that point Myra Foils is searching for you.
  • Round out the structure at base and we will connect with you inside 2-3 business days.

The Opportunity

Myra Foils, set up in 1981, is hoping to reinforce its dispersion network by delegating Super-stockists to its India organization. Myra Foils offers the accompanying qualities for Super-Stockists to exploit:

  • Rumored Brand with high-review.
  • Broad Product run with rewarding edges.
  • Most elevated Rate of Return on your underlying speculation.
  • Quick moving customer products.
  • Steady promoting and advertising backing to produce solid purchaser request

Organized Retail

Myra Foils has been an accomplice to the sorted out retail market since the coming of the first composed retail chain was arrangement in Quite a while. On the off chance that you are merchandizer or buying director for a retail chain, we welcome you to reach us to become familiar with our items and administrations. Kindly round out the structure underneath and our group will reach you inside 2-3 business days.

Export Enquiries

Our items are traded to the Middle-east and Africa, with twofold digit send out development every year.

On the off chance that you an entrepreneur hoping to present our items in your nation or region, maybe we should talk. Round out the structure underneath and connect with us and we will reach you back inside 2-3 business days.

Corporate Sales

Battling for a giveway thought for your next corporate or special occasion?

The entirety of our items are talented and we even band together with corporates so their representatives can get these items at appealing costs. Our items are especially well known, as our items are profoundly utilitarian. On the off chance that you are intrigued to learn more visit our special giveaways page or round out the structure underneath and we will connect with you to find out about your necessities inside 2 business days.

Myra Foils offers distinct advantages to brand owners & manufacturers.

  • Myra Foils is an ISO 9001 confirmed organization.
  • Myra Foils works as per current Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP).
  • Myra Foils has created Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) for every one of its cycles.
  • Myra Foils offers "Item Quality Guarantee" that is unequaled in the business.
  • Myra Foils offers best practices in Supply-Chain-Management (SCM) guaranteeing that retailers get their products on schedule and ensuring their retailers racks are rarely unfilled.
  • Myra Foils additionally offers the quickest pivot time on merchandise through its in the nick of time way to deal with assembling.
  • Myra Foils meets all "loads and measures" administrative necessities.
  • Myra Foils offers a wide scope of items and plans to pick from, guaranteeing that your customers have the most stretched out options versus your opposition.
  • Myra Foils configuration group works with your marketing group to make items that meet your particular prerequisites.
  • Myra Foils plans and assembling bundling that meets your brands exacting rules, upgrading the estimation of your image.
  • At Myra Foils White-naming isn't simply overabundance limit, yet its a genuine plan of action which our business measures are designed to convey, right from deals to item plan to continuous help.
  • Our refined ERP offers you continuous depiction of the creation lines that we arrangement for you and with our EDI capacities we diminish the weight of overseeing dissimilar frameworks.

What are the benefits of Contract Manufacturing?

  • Permits brand proprietors and producers to zero in on the cycle of development.
  • Fractional Contract Manufacturing permits producers and brand supervisors to adequately oversee top requests without making extra assembling lines that sit inert during lean periods.
  • Utilizing mastery of the designing and specialized groups at Contract Manufacturer permits brand proprietors to take out pestering item designing difficulties, and quality and creation issues..
  • Agreement Manufacturer get economies of scale because of their volumes that they run of different brand proprietors, and can offer lower cost of assembling to mark proprietors than if the BO's ran their own creation lines.
  • Agreement Manufacturers have complex Supply Chain the board and profound associations with crude material providers, permitting them to meet exacting conveyance plans.